Protect Your Investment: Understanding the Leading Causes of Glass Damage and How Our Glass Repair Service Can Help

The Top Causes of Glass Damage and How to Prevent Them

Your windshield shields the interior of your vehicle from precipitation, extreme temperature changes, and the effects of high-speed driving. As you travel, this piece of glass should be seamless and unnoticed. But nothing brings your windshield to the forefront of your mind like chips, cracks, and other damage. The cause of the damage is sometimes obvious, such as a rock thrown at your windshield by the semi in front of you on the highway, but other causes can be less predictable. So, let’s look at the most common causes of windshield damage and when you should think about getting auto glass repair service.

Car Accident

Windshields are no exception when it comes to car accidents. The windshield will shatter if the impact is strong enough to damage the structure of your vehicle. Tempering and protective coatings, on the other hand, keep the glass from shattering into dangerous shards. If your windshield is damaged in an accident, your insurance company will most likely want to replace it to ensure safety and integrity.

Direct Sunlight

The sun can damage your car’s windshield in the same way that it can burn you. A black ceramic frit surrounds the perimeter of your vehicle to protect the seal that holds the glass in place from UV rays. On a hot day, however, the frit and the seal are both black, allowing them to absorb heat and transfer it to the glass. To keep your car cool, park it away from direct sunlight and, if possible, in a garage.

Poor installation

Although uncommon, windshields can be poorly constructed and break when subjected to minor strain. There isn’t much you can do about it except drive cautiously and have the windshield replaced as soon as you suspect poor workmanship. When the wind blows or you accelerate, a poor windshield installation often results in the glass being loose and vibrating. This vibration may cause your windshield to crack over time, requiring your auto glass expert to reposition or replace it. When having windshield repairs done, always make sure you’re dealing with a reputable auto glass company!

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